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Are you curious about having anal pleasure?

Maybe you have tried it a little yourself or by someone else?

How has it been? Painful or pleasurable experience for you?

During this interactive workshop, you will be learning simple and powerful hands-on anal pleasure techniques.

The flow of the workshop is based on the somatic sexology training.

With the intention to bring awareness to the anal area and the pleasure that both the giver & receiver can gain when indulging in anal play.

Sign up as any kind of partners: friends, lovers, married, etc.

These vital skills enhance the sensations that can be gained from anal play allow for a pain free anal experience.

The techniques being taught will include solo or partnered exercises.

In the partnered exercises one person will be giving the other person will be receiving.

Because this is the foundation of anal play, the exercises will be based on the warming up principles, which will include, breath and hand action. We will only be using a hand or a finger.


Your experience will include:

Embodied exercises around consent
Anal anatomy
The different styles of Anal play
Simple, powerful breathwork techniques
Warming up techniques
Rose bud massage
Pain free insertion
Exploring the different sensations of the anal region
Exploring different positions that are supportive to both parties
The safe way to exit the anal area
After care
Safe sex practices, supplies and hygiene
Prostate play where available
Pleasure potential


Part 1

Exploring the Anatomy of Pleasure – in this part we move into the intricacies of anal anatomy. Learning about the anus through detailed descriptions and live demonstrations using a model. In addition, this part will also cover important topics such as safety, basic consent, and negotiation

Part 2

The practical parts of pleasure – this segment features hands-on exploration of techniques for pleasuring the anus. The demonstration will cover hand sex, oral sex, and toy play, and will provide an opportunity for attendees to touch their own bodies. If you come with a partner it is possible to practise with them.

Part 3

Practice with your partner – safer sex supplies provided.



(Saturday) 15:00 - 18:00


Schwelle Wien, Tellgasse 25, 1150 Wien

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Price €80.00

Wieviele Tickets -1 +

Total Price €80.00


Arrive from 14.30 h at the earliest


Start: 15.00 h

End: 18.00 h


Price: EUR 80,- / EUR 60,- for members


Sign up as any kind of partners: friends, lovers, married, etc.



price is per couple !


The Workshop is hosted by Jeremy Shub



This workshop is open to adults of all genders and sexuality.

Safe sex practices, supplies and hygiene will be taught and used during this workshop.





Q: Who are these workshops for?

A: For individuals or couples who wish to learn more about anal massage – regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, race, religion, or nationality.


Q: I don’t see why I need to learn about massaging my own anus (I can’t possibly do it right?)

A: Actually you can (massage your own anus) – not all the strokes though. Each of us need to learn about our sexual anatomy so we can claim our sexuality fully. It is only when we know who we are and what we like, that we will be able to communicate better and more deeply with our partner(s).


Q: Will there be nudity?

A: Yes, we will be doing live demonstrations plus there is optional hands-on practice for participants as they follow along.


Q: Will there be touch?

A: Yes, between consenting partners.


Q: Will you be doing any demo on a person?

A: Yes on our pre-arranged live models.


Q: Do you need any live models?

A: You can volunteer.


Q: Ratio of talk to experiential?

A: About practical 70/30 percent talk


Q: What should I bring?

A: A towel or sarong for lying on the floor. Pillow(s) for back/head support, if you like. Any preferred lubricant and plastic gloves (we will also provide these). A water bottle is advisable.


Q: What should I wear?

A: Please come wearing loose-fitting comfortable clothes so you have the option of sitting on the floor.