Ritual of Breath, Impact & Fantasy

fri10nov18:30fri21:00Ritual of Breath, Impact & Fantasy

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This workshop takes you for a stroll towards your own creativity.

Something that we all have in us yet we do not always know how to connect to it.

Using the modalities of conscious kink we are going to use our breath, sound and movement to receive and give impact, to learn how to create interesting scenes, and to authentically interact with one another.

This workshop is led, structured and safe(r) space based on framework of consent.



Our breath is an indicator of being alive, and being present. That is an essential ingredient for any kind of play and interaction.

Ideally, we want to interact with others when we are present.

Moreover, besides other tools, awareness of our breath and its control help us with emotional down-regulation and that can be helpful in workshops such as this one and in life in general.

Apart from that, experimenting with our breath, its rhythm, with and without sound can open a doorway to experience oneself in ways one has not.




We are going to glimpse in the world of conscious flogging, and sensations processing from receiving and receiving impact.

We will explore the relationship between you and the power of the flogger, you and your partner, and the space ”in between” in which a magic happen, if you dare to enter.

Let’s have a closer look how a direct impact on the body can deepen our body awareness, and how breath, movement and sound can enhance the bodily sensations as well as to intensify the flow of energy in the body.



Let’s fantasies!! We all do it. Let’s talk about it, and make our fantasies become alive.

Of course, some fantasies can stay untouched in our minds, and remain in secrecy forever.

But, some are great to share. Human minds are generators of amazing ideas.

Our minds are highly creative. Our thoughts and ideas are sometimes genius, sometimes silly, funny, absurd, irrational, nasty, sexy, scary, daring, exciting and sometimes totally boring.

And that is all fine. Such colourful spectrum makes life and play/erotic/intimate scenarios interesting. Let’s share, and inspire each other.

In this work, a magic happen if you allow it.

Yes, I do believe in magics, I do believe in timeless spaces, and I do believe that reflective, constructive and critical kink practices can bring a transformation in ones ́ life.

There is a Play Party on Saturday evening for participants of the workshops as well as for non participants.

You can join and withdraw from any exercise as you need.

Nudity in this workshop is optional.

Are you in?


Who is it for? – for everyone who is curious, interested in reflective, embodied kinky practices and self developmental work.




(Friday) 18:30 - 21:00


Schwelle Wien, Tellgasse 25, A-1150 Wien

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November 10th 2023 18.30 h – 21.00 h


November 11th 2023 11.00 h – 19.00 h


November 12th 2023 12.00 h – 19.00 h






EUR 299,- / members EUR 259,-


The Workshop is by Sharka Rey


The weekend is concluded with a PlayParty on Saturday evening where one can put in practice all skills learned at the workshop.


The Party is open for everybody.


Who is it for? – for everyone who is curious, interested in reflective, embodied kinky practices and self developmental work.