STRICT! Fetish & BDSM Play Party

fri19apr(apr 19)21:30sat20(apr 20)04:00STRICT! Fetish & BDSM Play Party

Event Details

STRICT! A Night of Liberation and Sensation

Embark on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery and unfettered expression at STRICT!, a kink-positive fetish & BDSM play party, setting the stage for an unforgettable night of exploration and indulgence.

STRICT! invites the adventurous and the curious alike to delve into a world where dark techno and house pulses through the air, and every corner offers a new opportunity to explore desires in a safe, consensual, and respectful environment.

This exclusive event promises an atmosphere of inclusivity and discretion, allowing guests to immerse themselves fully in the experience.

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19 (Friday) 21:30 - 20 (Saturday) 04:00



Tellgasse 25, 1150 Wien


This BDSM-Playparty will only take place twice a year!


To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants, we kindly request that you complete the registration process via email.


Please provide the following information:


1. Name: [Your Full Name]


2. Age: [Your Age]


3. Gender: [Your Gender Identity]


4. Confirmation of Code of Conduct: Please confirm that you have read and agree to adhere to the Code of Conduct outlined for the event.


5. Motivational Letter: Share a brief motivational letter expressing your interest in attending STRICT! and what you hope to experience or contribute to the event.


Please send the above information to:


Upon receipt of your registration, you will receive a confirmation email with further details.



Entry: The entry to STRICT! will be limited from 9:30 PM to 11:30 PM. We kindly ask all attendees to arrive within this time frame to ensure smooth entry and to maximize your experience at the event. If you have any concerns or require special accommodations regarding entry times, please reach out to us in advance.


Features of the Playparty:


Play Areas: STRICT! offers a variety of play areas, each designed to cater to a broad spectrum of desires and fantasies. From beginners to the experienced, attendees are invited to explore their boundaries and desires.


Music: The soundscape of STRICT! is curated by renowned DJs, creating an electrifying atmosphere that compels the body to move and the mind to open. This immersive auditory experience is a crucial element of the night, setting the rhythm for exploration and connection.


Live Performances: Throughout the night, attendees will be treated to a series of live performances that challenge the conventional and celebrate the diverse expressions of human sexuality.


Safety and Consent: STRICT! is committed to creating a safe, inclusive, and consensual environment. A team of experienced and compassionate staff will be on hand to ensure the wellbeing of all guests, and a clear code of conduct will be in place, emphasizing consent, respect, and confidentiality.


Dress Code: Attendees are encouraged to express themselves in attire that reflects their personal fetish or fantasy. From latex to leather, lace to costume, the night is an opportunity to embody one’s innermost desires.


Join us at STRICT! for a night where fantasy becomes reality, boundaries are explored with respect, and the human spirit is celebrated in all its facets.



STRICT! Code of Conduct:


At our fetish and BDSM play party, the safety, comfort, and respect of all attendees are paramount. To ensure a positive and consensual experience for everyone, we enforce the following Code of Conduct:


1. Consent is Mandatory:
All interactions, scenes, and activities must be consensual.
Consent must be explicit, enthusiastic, and ongoing.
No means no. Respect all boundaries and verbal or non-verbal cues.


2. Safe, Sane, and Consensual (SSC):
Prioritize safety in all BDSM and fetish activities.
Engage in activities that are mentally and physically safe for all participants.
Respect individual limits and risk profiles.


3. Respect and Communication:
Treat everyone with respect, kindness, and dignity.
Communicate openly and honestly with all participants.
Use clear and respectful language when negotiating scenes or interactions.


4. Privacy and Discretion:
Respect the privacy and confidentiality of all attendees.
Refrain from discussing or disclosing personal information without explicit consent.
What happens at the party stays at the party.


5. No Drugs or Intoxication:
The use of illegal drugs or excessive alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited.
Intoxication impairs judgment and consent, compromising the safety and enjoyment of all participants.


6. Safe Sex Practices:
Practice safe sex at all times.
Use barrier methods (e.g., condoms, dental dams) for penetrative activities.
Respect individual boundaries regarding sexual activities.


7. Respect Venue Rules:
Adhere to all rules and regulations set forth by the venue.
Respect the property and facilities provided for the event.


8. No Photography or Recording:
Photography, recording, or any form of documentation is strictly prohibited.
Respect the privacy and anonymity of all attendees.


9. Report Concerns:
Report any concerns, violations of the Code of Conduct, or incidents of misconduct to event organizers or designated staff immediately.
We are committed to addressing all concerns promptly and effectively.


10. Compliance with Laws:
Abide by all local laws and regulations, including those related to consent, sexual conduct, and public behavior.


By attending our fetish and BDSM play party, you agree to adhere to this Code of Conduct. Failure to comply may result in removal from the event without refund and, in severe cases, being banned from future events. Let’s create a space where everyone can explore, connect, and play safely and consensually.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Code of Conduct, please contact the event organizers or designated staff.