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Tantra Treasures Intensive
A journey into Innocent Intimacy & Sacred Sexuality

2 workshop days and a Temple Party night!

Great chance to enjoy diving deep through Tantra right at the start of spring!

What can Tantra do to deepen and raise the quality of your daily life, your intimacy, your love life and your sex life?

‘Tantra is Hot’… People are more and more open to see what Tantra can bring, what it can add to their daily lives.
Puja will let you experience that the answer to that is: a lot!

I call Tantra ‘The Art of Living and Loving Fully’.

Tantra is an embodiment path that invites you to live in your fullness, as a human being and as a man, or as a woman.
It’s a path of raising consciousness which gives the opportunity to both see and embrace where you are now, as well as it creates a gateway to deepen and expand yourself more than you think is possible.
Tantra is a path of truth, love and pleasure and both loves and shakes off layers of armour we no longer need.
It’s the only spiritual path that uses sexual energy to create, and to fully embody ourselves, bringing us back to our Nature and into the Divine. A path where sexuality and spirituality is one and brings you to oneness.

So much Beauty and Bliss to be discovered…



Tantra Takes Time.


Puja offers an intensive and deepening weekend, where we will be exploring and learning, connecting to and experiencing Innocent Intimacy & Sacred Sexuality.
This is a weekend group from Saturday 11.00 – 19.30 followed by an included Tantric Temple Party from 20.30 until 2.30 AM. And Sunday from 11.00 until 18.00.
(See info on Temple Party)

We will go into various Tantric structures, bodywork and rituals, meditations, massage, dance, and inquiries, teachings & sharings, going to the true depth of your Love and your Life.
Aligning to more fully being that man or that woman you feel lives inside of you. Living a high quality life.
We go into the depths of Intimacy and Sexuality. And what it can do for you to rise to a high quality on all aspects of your life.

We are sexual beings in our core. And coming back to that nature in its truest sense brings us back to the nature of who we are.
We love to go deeper into the space where we safely can explore more of ourselves. Where we feel really connected, truthful intimate, and embodied sexual.
We love to play. We are all intimate and sexual beings, in all our innocence and sacredness. We all Love to deepen Love.


Simple, powerful, sensitive, intimate and with an effect on all of your life areas. Your sexuality is the source of your realness.

It’s a gateway to open up from and into your deepest power and alignment.
If you like…

Your sexuality is an entity at your core, that holds and lifts all other parts of you. We were born from sexuality, so it IS our core. Forget what we learned it is, so far.



♥ Explore and dive deeper into Tantra and how it can ignite the quality of your daily life.

♥ Rediscover your sexuality and how that can let many aspects of your life thrive.

♥ Embody yourself – Awaken your body fully, feeling & listening in deeper to the infinite wisdom inside.

♥ Come back to your nature.

♥ Welcome all ‘issues’ to be the fuel for the Divine Alchemy to let it shift you back into alignment.
Turning issues around to fuel and deepen relationships.

♥ Learn how to let your emotions come through and be felt without becoming them or clinging to them.

♥ Raise both your consciousness and aliveness.

♥ Awaken sexual energy to rise and shine.

♥ Be touched: heart, body & soul in a conscious way.

♥ Learn ways of different intimate possibilities to relate and meet on a deeper level.

♥ Experience various meditations and structures where you learn to rely on your inner being, also in connection with others.

♥ Discover how the Feminine and Masculine inside can bring you more depth & juice and bring you home to your core.

♥ Immerse into Sensuality – we are sensual beings. The senses are a gateway to

♥ Remember and experience your orgasmic state of being: the energy body, the subtle body, the pleasure body, the bliss body.

♥ Experience Tantric Rituals.

♥ Awaken into Dance, Depth and Delight – Your Joy to be fully Alive

♥ Be in the Tantric Temple Party on Saturday evening!


Tantric Bodywork and structures, Inquiries, meditations, consent, teachings, sharings, masculine-feminine dynamics, polarity play, playfulness, dance, massage, conscious touch, sexual alchemy: from ‘issue to freedom’, orgasmic problem solving, energy and breathwork.


Opening up for the new to touch you, creating more space for new experiences and expand you even deeper…

Come and discover this safe and powerful space to explore, crack open, melt, clear, heal, and enjoy fully.

Living an ecstatic life is about giving birth to your full potential as a sexual being. And it might look different than you think.
Let yourself be surprised and touched by life itself. We will raise our vibration and send a more refined energy into our lives and the world.

A world that needs matureness around and understanding of the real power within our sexuality. It can lead us to world peace. And… our world could use a lot of bliss.


30.03 11:00 - 31.03 18:00


Schwelle Wien, Tellgasse 25, 1150 Wien

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It’s for conscious and curious beings, wanting to take it all a step deeper. Wanting to raise the quality of their life through intimate powers.
It’s not for thrill seekers or lust chasers. Even though it IS a thrilling weekend and luscious at moments. And you can allow that in as much as you like.



Deep sigh: you can truly explore, relax and expand.
Letting go of all things we think we need to be.


All of your boundaries will be respected and encouraged, all your edges will be invited to be seen, felt, and leaned into.. for you to expand.
The workshop is for both men and women. You can come with a partner or on your own (you don’t have to be in relationship or work together all the time). We’ll make sure the group is basically gender balanced.



After the closing of the Temple Party, we open the Sleep Temple around 2.30 – 3.00 AM.
You can stay in Schwelle to rest your body and continue the workshop the next day.
Please bring your own sleeping gear!
We start the workshop at 11.00 in the morning.



- Various loose light clothes to move in freely and change for staying fresh
- Lunghi/Sarong
- Beautiful cloth to create a Sacred Space on a mattress
- Tealight holder & tealight
- Warm sweater/poncho and socks
- Blindfold
- Coconut oil or other natural oil
- Large towel to protect mattress from oil
- A set of clothes you feel Divine in: like a God or Goddess, it may be sexy, or funky, or holy, or anything you want to help bring out in you a bit more.
- Floggers or anything that will add to your profound joy or nourishment
- ‘Sleeping gear’ (sleeping bag, cushion, shampoo, toothpaste, towel, you know…)
- Toothbrush to refresh yourself even if you’re not sleeping over.
- Cash for food (around € 30)
- Breakfast potluck goodies for Sunday
- Water bottle with top
- pen / paper



For the whole weekend € 225 / € 200 for Schwelle members
Come with a friend or partner: € 399 together / € 360 for Schwelle members


Incl. delightful refreshments
Excl. meals.



We have nice moments of food together in breaks or rituals.
Please eat before arriving, we will have late lunch.
We will order in great (vegan) food for 2 ‘lunches’ and 1 ‘dinner’ around € 20 / € 25 pp
Please bring cash for that.
Please bring your own goodies for breakfast on Sunday morning potluck!
Sharing yumminess.


  • Puja


    Puja is an international Tantra Teacher and Shamanic Sensualista, and is passionately guiding many men and women to a high quality juiceful life through Embodied Presence & Sexual Empowerment: their Intimate Powers. She teaches in workshops, retreats, festivals and private sessions all over the globe. She has been a Tantrika for 2 decades, previously worked as a holistic psychotherapist, counselor and organization trainer. With her rich experiences as a careful girl, wild woman and wise lady, she brings a Soulful & Soulsexy way to touch people with her high quality work and with her loving and sparkling personality. How does essence lead a daily life? The answer she found: by living the fundamentals of sexuality, a Tantric life and invite Love in as deep as we can. Puja is the passionate Priestess and creator of Tantric Temple Parties. A multi-day Sacred Space, bringing back the ancient grounds of depth and playfulness in a grown-up party. She is living, traveling and working all over the globe, her background is Dutch. To see the lights get turned on in the eyes & bodies of men and women and how that makes them step into their power is what thrives her. Her gateway to divine aliveness, peace and love. And the way to a high quality life. Founder & Lover at Puja Love Art.