march, 2019

30mar(mar 30)20:3031(mar 31)20:30Tantric Temple Night


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A grown-up party for Goddesses and Gods of Sacred Alchemy of Sensexuality.
Where we meet in divine humanness and reveal in truthfulness.


Saturday evening we will have a special Tantric Temple Party.
It is included in the Tantra Treasures weekend.

The doors will then also open for people who have done workshops previously with Puja.
Becoming a Temple Tribe.

Puja offers many Temple Parties around the world and invites people in those moments to Live A Temple Life.
Usually it is a multi-day Party, this unique one in Schwelle is integrated in the weekend!


The ancient space of playfulness, consciousness, sensuality and depth in a party of our time.

She includes the beauty of a Temple night, where all can deepen and intensify.

♥︎ An expanded & extended opportunity for people to connect with themselves, with each other, with their heart, sensuality & sexuality, in depth with all parts of their being and the grandeur of life!

♥︎ A beautiful space where we can bathe in luxury in a delicate way.

♥︎ A Sacred event where all comes together: the beauty & goodness of life, consciousness, infinite possibilities, and loving connection.

This exquisite Temple is for you if you are ready to meet your aliveness, depth and realness, ready to encounter new discoveries. If you are loving, if you dare to be open and vulnerable, if you are open to the experience of rawness and wildness, subtlety and sensitivity.

This is an opportunity to bring all of yourself, and a place where all of you will be welcomed, from divine head to delicious toes. This is a party that provides a frame and setting to bathe in the magic and mystique of the moment.

And to use and deepen all of what we have experienced in the workshop or in previous workshops with me.


The invitation is to keep on revealing ourselves, keep on stripping layers until we are naked souls being as divine, human and present as we can, having tender hearts and strong powers that are invited fully in.

Inviting in going SLOW…
And then even SLOWER…
To get the fullest juice out of each moment.
To sense all the movements from within, to become more sensitive, allow your Raw and Refined Selves to appear, to taste, hear, feel the scent of beauty, truth, love & freedom.
Tantra plays. Tantric ways.

Liberating the hidden treasures of our divine Bodies, Hearts & Souls.
For you to enjoy fully.


It’s a Divine Space where we are together being as human and divine as we can be, ritualising life to its fullest extend.

Where you feel the woman or man in you being blessed, honoured, loved, touched, invited in all of her and his fullness.
Where we lean in to our edges… and expand…

Where we celebrate the depth and blessing of our sexual being, our realness and the magic and mystique of the moment.
With structured and open spaces where we touch on many aspects of our glorious selves and life. Where we nourish all senses and go beyond.



Expanding our consciousness
Expanding our hearts
Expanding our sensuality and sexuality, being the orgasmic beings that we are and coming beyond… into oneness.



30.03 20:30 - 31.03 02:30


Schwelle Wien, Tellgasse 25, 1150 Wien

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There will be several guided interactions, structures and rituals to bring out the best in us and to bring out more of our delicious selves, more light on our Shiva & Shakti God/dess, more movement in our bodies & souls. More presence to deepen in to.
After structured space we go into open space to celebrate ourselves and meet others in genuine divine ways.
To meet our true desires in the moment, you can connect and dance, play, massage, meditate, cuddle, dive in sensual or sexual exploration.


It asks for agreeing to drop into the field of ‘no goal’, and letting unfold what happens in the moment, while feeling your Yes, No or Maybe in the moment, and move with that. Radical Love & Honesty, respect, clarity, authenticity, consent.


It asks to open and close the Temple Party together.
No entry after 20.30
We close with a ritual around 2.00 – 2.30 AM



After the closing of the Temple Party, we open the Sleep Temple around 2.30 – 3.00 AM.
You can stay in Schwelle to rest your body and continue the workshop the next day.
Please bring your own sleeping gear!
We start the workshop at 11.00 in the morning.



- Various loose light clothes to move in freely and change for staying fresh
- Lunghi/Sarong
- Beautiful cloth to create a Sacred Space on a mattress
- Tealight holder & tealight
- Warm sweater/poncho and socks
- Blindfold
- Coconut oil or other natural oil
- Large towel to protect mattress from oil
- A set of clothes you feel Divine in: like a God or Goddess, it may be sexy, or funky, or holy, or anything that you want to help bring out in you a bit more.
- Floggers or anything that will add to your profound joy or nourishment
- ‘Sleeping gear’ (sleeping bag, cushion, shampoo, toothpaste, towel, you know…)
- Toothbrush to refresh yourself even if you’re not sleeping over.
- Cash for food (around € 30)
- Breakfast potluck goodies for Sunday
- Water bottle with top
- pen / paper




Tantric Temple Party (is included in the weekend, only for people only coming to the Temple – they have done previous workshops with Puja)
Per person € 49 / € 39 for Schwelle members
Come together € 90 / € 70 for Schwelle members
You can leave in the morning before the workshop starts or go home after closing the Temple in the night.


Incl. delightful refreshments
Excl. meals.


  • Puja


    Puja is an international Tantra Teacher and Shamanic Sensualista, and is passionately guiding many men and women to a high quality juiceful life through Embodied Presence & Sexual Empowerment: their Intimate Powers. She teaches in workshops, retreats, festivals and private sessions all over the globe. She has been a Tantrika for 2 decades, previously worked as a holistic psychotherapist, counselor and organization trainer. With her rich experiences as a careful girl, wild woman and wise lady, she brings a Soulful & Soulsexy way to touch people with her high quality work and with her loving and sparkling personality. How does essence lead a daily life? The answer she found: by living the fundamentals of sexuality, a Tantric life and invite Love in as deep as we can. Puja is the passionate Priestess and creator of Tantric Temple Parties. A multi-day Sacred Space, bringing back the ancient grounds of depth and playfulness in a grown-up party. She is living, traveling and working all over the globe, her background is Dutch. To see the lights get turned on in the eyes & bodies of men and women and how that makes them step into their power is what thrives her. Her gateway to divine aliveness, peace and love. And the way to a high quality life. Founder & Lover at Puja Love Art.