Irina was introduced to classical Hatha Yoga in Moscow in her early teenage years in a contemporary Dance Theatre and it has been a lifesaver through the tough times at University.

After a life-threatening ski crash, Irina self-developed a therapeutic rehab-yoga-practice that helped her to walk, run, dance and stand on her head again.

After giving up her corporate management job she completed certified Yoga Teacher Training in India and has opened her own Yoga coaching Studio few years after.

Her 8-year meditation practice, intuitive energy healing, tantra and later on personal development tools and NLP helped her to establish a healthy balance between work, rest and play.

Irina’s spiritual studies from Vipassana centers, Zen monasteries, Yoga ashrams, Tantra retreats and Festivals in Asia and US throughout the past years have taught her to discover the source of her own happiness, energy, joy, and inner beauty.

Irina is currently giving workshops and assisting retreats around the world, mentoring spiritual leaders, speaking at international conferences and coaching selected private clients who impacting this world.

She runs an educational blog JUICY LIFE. Animal Dance/Play workshop was played in Koh Phangan, Thailand on Play Parties and Temple Nights, in Spain on Festival and in New York for the Burning Man communities.

Now is the time to introduce it to Viennas crowd.

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