Jeremy short biography

Working as a sex therapist, sex educator, sexological bodyworker, and relationship coach, Jeremy brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to their practice. Currently based in Berlin, they identify as polyamorous, slutty, a sex worker, kinky, genderfluid, and queer. With a background in education, science, creative art, and sexual health, Jeremy holds multiple university degrees and has facilitated numerous workshops on sexuality, relationships, and pleasure.

Jeremy is dedicated to supporting individuals, couples and relationship constellations of all orientations and gender identities, with a focus on respecting consent and boundaries. Jeremy brings a queer-positive, anti-racist, and intersectional feminist perspective to the work, informed and inspired by the principles of decolonization, anti-patriarchy, anti-capitalism, and pro-earth spirituality.

Jeremy is available for sessions face to face, or online for international people

Positionality Statement:

I am a 51-year-old, gender-fluid, queer individual, born on the unceded lands of the Wurunjiri people in Naarn. My positions of privilege include being able-bodied, middle-class, well-educated, and holding positions as a sex therapist, educator, coach, and sexological bodyworker. I come from a line of Jewish Eastern European ancestors who were displaced migrants from the Holocaust.

These positions influence how I perceive myself and others. I aspire to be conscious of my privileges and blind spots. I am open to having people help me become more aware of what I need to learn and practice.