Puja is an international Tantra Teacher and Shamanic Sensualista, and is passionately guiding many men and women to a high quality juiceful life through Embodied Presence & Sexual Empowerment: their Intimate Powers.
She teaches in workshops, retreats, festivals and private sessions all over the globe.
She has been a Tantrika for 2 decades, previously worked as a holistic psychotherapist, counselor and organization trainer.
With her rich experiences as a careful girl, wild woman and wise lady, she brings a Soulful & Soulsexy way to touch people with her high quality work and with her loving and sparkling personality.
How does essence lead a daily life? The answer she found: by living the fundamentals of sexuality, a Tantric life and invite Love in as deep as we can.

Puja is the passionate Priestess and creator of Tantric Temple Parties. A multi-day Sacred Space, bringing back the ancient grounds of depth and playfulness in a grown-up party.
She is living, traveling and working all over the globe, her background is Dutch.
To see the lights get turned on in the eyes & bodies of men and women and how that makes them step into their power is what thrives her. Her gateway to divine aliveness, peace and love. And the way to a high quality life.

Founder & Lover at Puja Love Art.