This summer, in a secluded area of Austria the first ever “Sexolution” festival will take place. The New Frontier spoke with Reinhard Gaida, founder of the “Schwelle Wien”, Vienna’s first sex positive location and one of the main organizers of the festival to find out more.

TNF: Reinhard, how are you feeling about the Sexolution festival and what will be the highlights?

RG: The whole team is already full of anticipation and of course we’re all really looking forward to this big event. It will be like a dream come true: a wonderful holiday with added value and even with a message. One of the highlights will undoubtedly be the fact that the whole event will happen in a very remote area of Austria in and around a hotel which we will have completely to ourselves. Have you never dreamed of having a whole hotel, a whole camping site all for yourself and your friends? And, what’s more, having a festival where togetherness, tenderness and lust play a crucial role! Add to this full catering, leaving you with absolutely nothing to worry about. Participants will have access to various workshops covering a broad range of topics around sex positivism and which will be held in the hotel and in big hippie tents. Also, there will be acro-yoga and yoga as well as body work sessions. For each field, we will have renowned international trainers.

Yet another highlight will be the “Soul Space” where you can reflect on experiences made at the festival. If you feel like expressing yourself creatively, you can do so at a designated “Art Space”. Speaking of creativity: the guys from “Porn Film Festival” will decorate two rooms in the hotel especially for those who wish to make their own movie. If you want to just relax, you can chill at our “Chai Place”. For those who love to be close to nature, a small forest will serve as a retreat. Moreover, we even have a pond if you would like to go for a swim. In the evenings, we will have lots of parties and extraordinary events like “Ecstatic Dance”.

The most important highlight of the festival however is the community. Some people have already known each other for some time. These people lay the cornerstone for the festival.

TNF: Will there be merchandising?

RG: There will indeed be a small market place for clothes, adornments and sex toys; inter alia, Liebenswert will have a broad range of sex accessories on offer and X-Factory will display some of their SM furniture. Additionally, Indica will distribute a CBD product which they especially developed for the festival. The Aids Hilfe will be on-site in order to raise awareness. Briefly, the whole event is intended as symbiosis between us as the organizers, the hotel “Natursinne” and the enterprises that offer their sex-positive products.

TNF: If I am new to all this, what are the most important things I need to know about sex-positive events in general and the Sexolution festival in special?

RG: I cannot speak for any event that carries the label “sex-positive”, I can only talk about sex-positive events which are organized by us. For the “Schwelle”, sex-positivity is about providing a space where you feel safe, where you ask before you act and where only a clear and unequivocal “yes” means consent. Needless to say, mobile phones are strictly prohibited. The people who come to Schwelle events have to be empathic and able to perceive other people’s boundaries but also ready to learn how to set their own limits.

TNF: How can I best get to the location?

RG: For those taking the train we will provide a shuttle service that picks people up at the railway station. Members of the Schwelle can take the shuttle bus that will leave on Wednesday afternoon and return to Vienna on Sunday at around noontime. And you can certainly go by car or camper van. Make sure to get your ticket here before we’re sold out.

TNF: Should I plan to stay for the whole five days and if yes why?

RG: I highly recommend staying for the whole duration as the program is arranged in such a way that the workshops build up on each other – which is also why we are selling only five day tickets. On the first evening, there will be an opening where we explain the rules and regulations. In the following days, participants will get to know each other and start having first exchanges. The workshops will become more challenging and as your learning curve goes up you will go a bit deeper every day. There will even be a workshop on “exploring deeper” hosted by Wilrieke Sophia during which the participants spend a considerable amount of time in open nature and stay there together overnight. You can read more about Wilrieke and her work on

Essentially, it is all about learning and personal development as well as getting to know new people. On the other hand, it is also about receiving support from the community and last but not least about having a great party and enjoying life.

TNF: What does the price include?

RG: The price includes the admission fee for the festival and either a hotel room or a space on the camping site according to what you have booked. The price covers all workshops, events and parties of the festival as well as the “Chai Place”, “Soul Space” and “Art Space”. Not included are the meals and drinks.

TNF: Is there something you would especially want the participants of the festival to know?

RG: We are just in the middle of laying down the rules and regulations and will upload them soon as it is of utmost importance for us that everybody knows and abides by them. This is a prerequisite for sex-positivism, allowing for everyone to live, develop and enjoy their true sexuality and gain new experiences without being judged, no matter whether it is tantra, BDSM, kink or something else. We want everyone to look at sex as something positive, beautiful and healthy. There is no space for stigma, discrimination or taboos. And as said, everything has to be based on mutual consent and played safe. So if you are interested in experiencing this first hand then join us!

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